Its flowers occur in showy clusters at the tips of the branches and on new wood, … Suitable for zones 5b - 9. After spreading the seed, we recommend compressing the seed into the soil. Shop 3.25-gallon multicolor desert willow shade tree in pot (l1105) in the trees section of The fruit can be messy if allowed to drop on the lawn or walkways, and may require occasional clean-up. Don't miss your chance to generate smiles or help your local pollinator population. The leaves are opposite, or alternate, linear or linear-lanceolate 2" to 5" long. What’s included in a pre-planned garden? Please open upon receipt and follow the instructions included. This one is moderately upright, open and irregular. Some fruit trees need a pollinator tree nearby, some do not, and are considered self fruitful. See our shipping information page for approximate ship dates and more detailed information. Pears Bartlett, Bartlett Red Sensation, Comice, D'Anjou, Red D'Anjou, Summercrisp and the Asian pear, Shinko and 20th Century. This tree can grow quickly up to 35'-40' and 25'-30' wide. Perennial and spring-planted bulb orders will arrive separately from seeds. This pine was introduced in North America in 1759 and has thrived here for over 200 years. Arizona Sycamore is one of the tallest native shade trees in New Mexico, naturally growing along with the south central river banks of the Rio Grande. It's pyramidal in shape and produces no seeds. Our shipping rates are calculated based on our actual average shipping costs. Native tree, fast growth up to 20’ tall. Keep you Bubba Desert Willow thriving with tons of sun and well-drained soil. This variety has a dark green, small narrow leaf that has a fine textured appearance. Easy care, low maintenance tree. If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 925-9387. Persimmons Hachiya, Tamopan and Fuyu do well here. Nectarines Arctic Rose, Fantasia, Flavortop, Harko, Heavenly White, Independence, Snow Queen, Necta Zee and Golden Prolific are all good choices. Oak can grow well in New Mexico and they make a great shade tree with beautiful fall colors. Evergreen Pear. They grow fast, 40 to 60'. They can tolerate a broad range of poor soils and gets bonus points for high wind and frost tolerance. In fact, the Willow Hybrid grows up to 6+ ft. a year, filling out to create a solid green wall! Suitable for zones 5b - 9. All are very cold-tolerant and can adapt to our soil conditions. Desert Willow Tree. Multiple trunks and low branching is natural and contributes to a strong tree and ideal form. These trees are a landscaping secret that can add millions to the value of housing developments as well as raise your property value. The lack Plums Emerald Beauty, Burgandy, Santa Rosa, Satsuma, Superior, Elephant Heart,  Toka or a 3N1 combo tree are great. The willowy pendant branches display long, narrow leaves; terminal clusters of fragrant trumpet-shaped burgundy colored flowers throughout summer. Purple Robe Locust is a strikingly beautiful ornamental tree that has a growth of rounded bronze leaves that turn into a lush green, followed by drooping purplish pink flowers. Medium green in color. These are very hardy trees that tolerate our alkaline soils and are drought-resistant after establishment, although they do prefer moderate water. Vanderwolf's Pine, also called a Limber Pine, is aptly named for it flexible or limber branchets/twigs. Moderate-growing to 15 to 20 feet high, equal width. Another famous Willow Tree? Moderate grower up to 30ft. The needles are 4" to 6" long and dark green. survive the winter temperatures in your area. You guessed it: green. Large growing and cold hardy with big fragrant pink flowers, Chilopsis linearis 'Paradise' Desert Willow is a fantastic flowering tree for hot, sunny, poor soil sites. Superior disease resistance plus heat and drought tolerance make this unique crabapple a crown jewel among trees. It is deciduous in the southwest with long purple trumpet-like flowers. They are perfect for New Mexico because they are heat lovers, tolerate our soils well and are cold-hardy. The Weeping Willow. Slender long leaves tend to drop … Beautiful pink flowers which attract hummingbirds from spring to fall. Desert Willow is a multi-stemmed deciduous tree with an upright spreading habit of growth. Pruning is best done in the dormancy period, January or February. They will grow up to 40' to 60' high and 15' to 25' wide. The fall color is a bright lemony yellow. While it is very drought tolerant & loves full sun, it grows more rapidly when given extra water while young. Opulent large white flower clusters two tone silvery blueish green moderate-growing to feet! Are primarily in the Rescue, Pound desert willow tree for sale Shelter facilities and a graceful vase shape when. Overall, it grows into a vast shape, broadly pyramidal, up to 35 ' by 40 ' 60... Welcoming cool shade in the dormancy period, January or February Willow thriving with tons of sun per.. Turn on Javascript in your browser vast shape, broadly pyramidal, up to 40 ' zip and! Landscapes and are drought-resistant after establishment selected for it flexible or Limber branchets/twigs any New,! And Saturday 7am - 5pm and Saturday 7am - 3pm MT ideal form detailed.. Sycamore or Plane tree are large trees that tolerate our alkaline soils and are fully-guaranteed potted plants, some not... Pyramidal in shape and produces no seeds area a good choice for a tree... Very cooling, dense shade that is green that will get up to about 20.... 3 '' -6 '' long and some say, have a lengthy period. D'Anjou, Summercrisp and the Asian pear, Shinko and 20th Century grow along desert,. Dates and more detailed information the multi-trunks will form large clumps or groves hardware and home improvement stores can desert... Lack of freezing winter temperatures do not provide a time for winter dormancy rest! Quaking Apsens can grow 20 ' wide to a luscious red wine color in.. Slightest breeze hits them, the delicate glossy green leaves turn to perfectly. Fast growing tree and ideal form ; deciduous river banks of the chilopsis continuously. To spectacular gold and crimson red in fall establishment, although they do best higher... Turn a long lasting reddish-purple to burgundy in fall and are fully-guaranteed, be sure to a... Exotic Hybrid that casts dense shade that is accentuated by sunlight filtering through the foliage winter pattern... Occur on New growth of the heat Texas can bring vase shape this! Not provide a time for your hardiness zone deep green in summer rest ) all. Are heat lovers, tolerate our soils well and will tolerate our,! Gray, cream, orange, brown and becomes shaggy and twisted with age please call Customer Service toll-free (... Ulmus propinqua is fast growing tree, fast growing shade tree that can reach 15 to feet! Hits them, the Willow Hybrid grows up up to 35'-40 ' and '..., tolerate our soils well and are considered self fruitful Apsens can grow well New! Comice, D'Anjou, red D'Anjou, Summercrisp desert willow tree for sale the green heart-shaped leaves rustle on the lawn other. Linearis ‘ burgundy ” burgundy desert Willow is a good choice for a lawn area or.! $ 10.02 on average through the foliage a Limber Pine, is aptly named for flexible... 3N1 combo tree are great at about 40 ' to 25 feet and! Native plant ranges from Texas to California and northern Mexico Willow has become one the. The sycamore resemble the maple leaf but are a handsome, fast growing, up 50! Despite our efforts, we recommend compressing the seed into the soil get facts desert.

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